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Sara Wheeler

Dalhousie Building

Tips about icebergs: An Arctic journey

Smashing through the Arctic Ocean with the crew of icebreaker, herding reindeer with Saami and shadowing the Trans-Alaskan pipeline with truckers, the writer Sara Wheeler made a sequence of east-west circumpolar journeys in the course of the research for her critically acclaimed book The Magnetic North. In this powerful and funny lecture Wheeler uncovers the beautiful, brutal reality of the Arctic and ponders on its past as well as its future. According to the Scotsman, 'Wheeler writes about travel so well because she delights in travelling. Her adventurous spirit, tireless intelligence, joy and wit shine through even the saddest pages of The Magnetic North . . . She has a rare and precious talent.'

Sara's books include rumbustious accounts of both polar regions. The bestelling Terra Incognita, published thirteen years ago, tells the story of seven months in Antarctica - an eventful trip which included a spell at the South Pole. The Daily Telegraph's critic wrote of Terra Incognita, 'I do not think there will ever be anything better written about the Antarctic', and the book has been translated into ten languages including Chinese and Estonian. Sara has recently returned to the polar regions - this time to the other end. Her new book is called 'The Magnetic North: notes from the Arctic Circle'.

This lecture is being held in conjunction with International Women's Day, Women in STEM and Dundee Women's Festival.

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Drinks reception follows.

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